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Is It Possible To Go A Whole Day Without Thinking About It?

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Right now it seems impossible to go a day without it affecting my life in some way. I have tried counselling at my university but they only give 6 free sessions, then you have to go find somewhere else and pay around £25 an hour and I just don't have that kind of money. And I don't even have a support group to go to or anything, where I live it is almost unheard of to have any of these services.

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I am not sure if I ever manage to go a whole day without thinking about it.. sometimes it will pop into my head just for a few seconds and I manage to distract myself. Other days it will pop in to my head and the more I try not to think about it, the more I end up thinking about it and it will stick around for a few days bothering me. I hope I do eventually get to a stage where it no longer bothers me like that.

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I wonder this sometimes.  I feel like I've put a lot of work into healing but it still pops into my head almost every day.  I guess now it's just a question of how strongly I react to the memories, how much it affects my every day life, is that silly?

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Honestly sometimes I do manage to have a good few days where I’m not thinking about it, but then the ptsd shudders come back and i’m welcomed with unwanted flashbacks. But I think they will become fewer as more time passes *hopefully 🤞🤞🤞

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I used to wonder that. Then I let myself think about it. I talked to friends. I asked what lies I learned from it. I changed the ending, reassured myself I deserved to be saved. I imagined kid me being saved by my modern day heros, them wiping my face clean and hugging me and taking me to their parents' house for food. I painted and let myself think of the painting. It's still there. I still cry or get angry. IDK if I've ever gone a day without thinking about it. But it's different now. And I think that's enough for now.

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