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Facebook And After Silence?

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I know I have done a page and a group for the survivor organisation I am, because of the easiness of the individual page. Face book however, were urging a group for organisations.

Looking forward to seeing the FB page and joining in.


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Hmmm... I can't do it. Can't join anything like this on FB. Too out of my control for my liking...

If others feel comfortable, then that's great.

Just can't do it..... :(

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Anyone does what their comfy with of course but also remember whatever you like does not necessarily show that you survived it, it shows that you support it.

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Thank you, Donna! :flowers:

I will bring it up again, I think this ended up on the back burner behind some other things.

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becky when I clicked the link it said it was not found?


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Okay, this link seems to work.

Any problems, just type in After Silence in search and you will see it.

Let me know if you can't though and I will try it again. :flowers:

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Looks great - When I typed in After Silence for Facebook - there were others named After Silence - so ensure you have proper one at link above...


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Thanks, Dove. Yes, it was when I clicked on it. Also, it has our banner, so hopefully if the link doesn't work correctly, people can find it by recognition.

Thanks again!

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