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Hi Everyone,

Hope you've all been well recently since I haven't been around much :flowers:

I had this idea the other day which I thought would be good for AS, so I thought I'd come here and suggest it. As many survivors would have experienced, oftent they can feel excluded and isolated from society, and as a result quiet often become introverted for a period of time, even if before abuse they where outgoing and extraverted.

As a result, sometimes survivors can be bullied or discriminated against, because of the introverted and more recluse behaviour they're showing, and member of society can often take advantage of this, by bullying, descriminating against, or in general just making they're lives harder because they're seen as "an easy target" for such treatment. I personally know I can relate to such feelings, as such I'm suggesting that we have some kind of forum where we can go and share our experiences of bullying and discrimination after the abuse by other's in society


John :flowers::)

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Hi John,

I just want to say that sounds like a good idea. I've been bullied at different points in my life, and when you think about it, child abuse, rape, and domestic violence are all extreme forms of bullying.


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That is a wonderful idea.

I remember this all too well.


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