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Couple of weeks ago when i tried to register to this forum it was unsuccessful. I registered and waited for confirmation for few days without any luck. Noone responded to my emails where i asked why i cant register. In the end, I asked my online friend from USA to register if she is of better luck. After waiting for a few days she got confirmation, and thats the account I am currently posting from. On my inital acc I never received anything not even answer on my email. Those were hardest timea bc i just found ouy about CSA incest aand had great need to talk to people a lot, few days were a nightmare.

Cant this be prevented from happening again?

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I'm sure there must have been a glitch somewhere, because I know that this would have never happened intentionally. I certainly hope this never happens again. And I hope a mod will respond back to you. I am so sorry this happened. My inbox is always open.


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It may well have been a glitch - but also it can take a few days for accounts to be set up - yesterday I noticed that there were almost 200 guests on the board - these are people who have not registered yet (and therefore have limited access to the site) but if 100 of them decided to join yesterday that means vera and lindy had to go through those 100 requests themselves - check all their details - each person has to be validated personally - that was just yesterday - and at one set moment in the day - at the moment of writing there are 82 guests on the site - it maybe that vera and lindy have a set day to validate people - and if so it maybe that you just missed that day but your friend registered just before - and so for her it seemed quicker. Please also know that all moderators here - including Vera and Lindy - are volunteers and have jobs and families and outside responsibilities too - and sometimes it is cannot be helped if issues take a while to sort out - but as much as is possible we all try our utmost to respond as soon as we can.

However I need to say that if you are still accessing the site through someone elses account then you need to contact the administrators (Vera or Lindy) as this is strictly against the guidelines.

I will close this topic for now - but will make sure the amins take note of your comments.

best wishes


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First of all, my apologies for the inconvenience these delays may have caused.

Karen is right - there are dozens of registrations that need approval daily and that takes time. At times, I am unable to validate every single one of them right away as I have things in life to take care of, which is why we suggest waiting a minimum of 24 hours for approval. And at times, someone isn't approved because they did not receive their validation email. In that case, I wait a while in case the server is having a glitch or a delay, and resend validation emails. Most of the time, they are sent to a spam folder. After five days, the unconfirmed accounts are automatically deleted by the database, in which case the member would need to re-register and re-confirm their email address.

So if you've registered and have had to wait days for approval, it is most likely because a validating email never reached your inbox. In that case, an email can be sent to us and we will take care of that for you.

Hope this has answered your questions. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions and/or concerns.


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