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Where's My Story Gone?

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Umm, this is weird ~ my story from the 'Share your Story' section has disappeared. I'm sure it was one or two stories after Downtrodden's story. I'm sure I'm not dreaming I posted it!!

Any ideas anyone??



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wow, this is weird and it sucks..... :(

i hope someone can tell you what is going on!


reyzl.... you know though, right, that.... this is not a "sign".... it does not "mean" anything.... you were right to tell your story, hun. this is some weird technical glitch and someone will figure it out.

:bighug: and :throb:


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Your story is here above - did you make a seperate post concerning your story and this is what you can't find if so it may have been merged into your original one above as per the guidelines

'Stories appear in the order in which they are posted by the original author, meaning the order of the topics is based on the date the topic was started rather than on the date of the last reply'

Let us know if if is not in the above

best wishes


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karen, you are right, the new part that reyzl wrote was added at the end of that old story thread.



it was just merged?!

i am sorry but i have to say i dont find that very respectful.

many people have lots of threads up in that forum. why was reyzl's suddenly merged?

and to do that without even letting her know.......


not cool, i think. sorry.

in general, i think people should be able to tell their story the way they want.

i have actually started using the "view new posts" function and agree it is convenient; but several times i have felt like not really all new posts appear there....... :shrug: recently a friend of mine actually added to her old story and i did not notice it even though i did use that function. even if i just overlooked it.... well, why make it so that people can easily overlook? :angry: still nobody has ever said a word to me (and i asked several times in that other thread) why everyone is supposed to just have one thread up there. makes no sense to me.


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I put further details of my story and things in the same thread I started in the 'share my story' thread for that exact reason Riseandshine! So that I can get them out and put them somewhere but also so I know they are not in everyone's face because I feel guilty that anyone should have to hear me. But yeah, if you want to add more to it and actually want it to be noticed, I agree with you, it is easily overlooked the way it is now. Having said that though, I can see the logic in having only one post per person in that thread becaue it gives everyone a fair go.

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You can find all of your posts. You just click the drop down arrow that appears when you move your cursor over your name... one of the options is "find member's posts."

I hope that helps!

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Wow, I'm trying to stay calm here. Yes, I can find my new post at the bottom of all the Reyzl flotsum and jetsam that has been swept up into one post. But I don't want to find it there! I want to find it where I posted it.

PLEASE unmerge it. I can't bear this. This is new. It's not just more of "Reyzl's crap" ~ it's my actual story, it's progress. It's how I can finally tell my story, not in bits and pieces but a whole narrative. I've never done that before.

I'm horrified. I'm feeling like I never want to come back here. I don't want my brand new post be to hidden in years worth of posts back, like it's something shameful. No one will see it. Not even me.

Well, I said I'd stay calm but looks like I haven't quite. I'm shaking.

And while I was in that huge long amalgamated thread in your link Dodo, I see that even my completely separate story about an assault by a GP is in there ~ actually it is the lead story, followed by random order posts about my dad. I wouldn't mind betting my mini story about an abusive girlfriend is in there too, but I couldn't bear to look at that hideous monster thread any more. It's not all even in the order I posted it. I go back every now and again and re-look at what I posted over the years and last time I looked this hadn't happened. Please make it not be like this.

Why does it not occur to anyone that I may be too triggered by my old posts to even be able to go back to that huge thread? I don't want the old stuff I posted in my face just to check on new responses (that is if I got any responses, but now given that it's on page 300 or something that is seriously unlikely!)

I feel so insulted and violated by this I can't even begin to say :(


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im with you on this too, i feel like the reason my story is out is so im not the only one who knows anymore i need to let other people know too, same thing happened to me last week with the my story been merged and im sad a bout it too, its not good, its like its been brushed under the carpet.



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Thanks Ame and Nem. I feel sick about this :( . I don't have the words to say how this has made me feel.

'Unsafe' I suppose is the main one. This used to feel like a safe place.

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I am really sorry that you are upset - please know that this is under discussion at the moment - I know many people have found it upsetting - but as this is a guideline the moderators here are trying to abide by it - just as many member also are - and posting as requested - all we can do at the moment is merge posts as they are seen - and I am sorry if this seems unfair - this guideline has been in place for some time now - the reason being that some time back some members were adding new parts to their story on an almost daily basis - even just a couple of words - this meant that members who were posting their story for the first time would have their post knocked down on the main page - some members would have pages of story with very many replies - where as others would only have one or two replies - it was extremely hard for these members in that they felt ignored and that their story was not as important - the change in the way the forum runs was meant to sort this problem out - but we do understand that it is now causing problems in reverse.

Please bare with us until we can sort this out -

I will close this thread for the time being

take care and sorry for the upset


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