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Not Sure If This Go Here,if Not Im Sorry Mods

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okay i like to say thank you for haveing me on here,it help me a lots,but im thinking of leaveing

im just thinking thats i should not be here no more,like im saw people are getting sick of me,but you wont say as you are being nice and all thats, im still thinking about this.will lets you know soon#

tash :shrug:

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What's happened love? :hug: Whatever it is, I'm very sure that nobody wants you to leave, you'd be very missed if you did.

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Aww...no ones sick of you!

I know I'm not...I quite like you actually :P


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Tash, people aren't getting sick of you Hun. People here love you and care about you lots. I know we haven't talked much before but I have seen a lot of your posts and think you're a really brave, amazing person and AS is very lucky to have you as a member of its community. You help many people on here. Your poems are beautiful and I love reading them. I'm not just saying that to be nice, it's the truth.

If you want to leave because it's not helping you then that's fair enough, of course I would support that decision because you have to do what's right for you. But please don't think that you're not wanted here because you are. You will be missed by loads of people Sweetie, I would definitely miss you.

Sending you lots of love and hugs and support.


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I'm not tired of you! Please stay, I would worry too much otherwise. :hug:

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Tash, I know you have alot going on and things are changing for you, but no one here is sick of you hun. I don't know who has made you feel this way, but its not true. You are a valued member here and we all love having you here. I hope you know that, never once have I lied to you.


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Safe, gentle :hug: if ok Tash. You are so very brave

No one on here is sick of you Tash. You are a great young woman. I am so sorry I havent been on much lately (internet issues).

We are here for you Tash. Remember to take good care of yourself (and your child).

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ty everyone for your kind work.

im staying i think,as i just was not thinking very well last night .

po ,dont worried about it hun,your allways be here for me,no matter what i talk about,big ty you to you hun. big ty you to you,you are so kind to me.

:hug::hug::hug: for any one who what one

love tash

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Oh phew! Im so, so glad you decided to stay! :party:

Im not at all sick of you, quite the contrary! Honestly I can't see how anyone would tire of you. By the way, thanks for the talk in chat the other day. Was good to get to know you, hun. Look forward to talking to you again!

Your friend Liz

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