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Female Survivors

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Hey folks,

This is just a friendly reminder that, if you're wanting access to one of our password-protected forums, our guidelines state you are to private message a moderator for access, as opposed to other members.

This is a password-protected subforum. Please PM a mod for access. tealribbon.gif

And, upon the addition of the other gender-specific forums:

Should you experience any problem, or require a password, please PM a moderator or a member of the Newbie Support Team. flowers.gif

We do try to respond to each private message in a timely manner, but sometimes PMs get lost in the shuffle. If you've waited a reasonable amount of time for a response, we ask that you PM another moderator or a member of the Newbie Support Team. There is a verification process involved with providing passwords that non-staff members are not privy to, or capable of, and this is what ensures the forums are appropriately accessed by those intended to use them. The unique circumstances facing survivors of these gendered demographic demands separate, private spaces where issues pertinent to each can be discussed without the fear of being screened by the other.

The password-protected subforums are a matter of the honor system. We do know that members can freely give about the passwords, but we believe in the integrity of our members and trust that the compassion and thought that went into providing these safe spaces will not be abused.

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