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Hi Everyone

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i just want to say hi everyone and that i hope u r all well. i still dont have the courage to reply to anyones posts. i dont no why i have this fear im going to say the wrong thing or that i dont feel worthy. its really weird. but i hope you r all doing well and will try and get more courage to give back to u rather then always take.

sleeper. :hug::hug::hug::hug::hug:

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Hi sleeper! Don't worry about not posting just yet, just have a read and get used to the forum if you want to. You are worthy and im sure your not gonna say the wrong thing, everyone will understand. hope your ok :hug:

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Hi Sleeper,

Welcome to after silence, it's great to have you with us. Take all the time you need to get comfortable, I was nervous at first too! :hug:

:throb: Meg

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Don't worry, sweetheart. Take it in baby steps until you warm to it, okay?


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Remember how you have taken a HUGE first brave step in the posts you have made already, its all about taking your time and getting comfortable with how you feel about responding, try not to worry about it, we were all nervous in varying degrees when we first arrived here ... Its great to hear you are still lurking so thanks for keeping us up to date ...

Take care ... :hug:

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take as much time as you need, we're all here for you :throb:


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:hug: Sleeper :hug:

Just take your time and get comfortable and post when you feel ready. The great thing about this place is there is no pressure on anyone.

Hope your well too :)

:hug: Luv Jess

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