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I Have A Question

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Hi. I was wondering and maybe I missed it?? But I was wondering if there was a topic forum for those with DID? I am sorry to be a pain in the rear however this is something that is very prominent in my life and I am sure there are others on here with DID with this many survivors so was curious if I was missing it?

I am not DID however my partner is and I have had many close friends and still do that are DID.

Thank you! Sorry to be a bother!

~ tink

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There should be.


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There is a DID thread -and as soon as I find it I will post the link!


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Hi Karen, thank you. :)

It is the first topic in Psychological Well Being - look forward to seeing you there MysticsRain.

Mods I always struggle to find it. Can it have a place of its own as there are a lot us with DID on the forum now.


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