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I Am Back

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Hello Everyone,

Please forgive my silence but unfortuantely had to go into hospital and later have back sugery. Now at home recovering on crutches.

I was hoping to let someone know on here but didn't have any contact.....sorry!!!

I was thinking of you all.

I hope you will accept me back on this site.

Kind regards,


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Welcome back - it is great to see you again -

wishing you all the best


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Welcome back hun.

Recover blessings to you.


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welcome back kathrina. :)

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Welcome Back!!! - I am so glad to have you, this will help, I promise. I joined, I have laughed, and done a lot of and crying - I feel better though.

I take lots of pictures to help me heal; here is one especially for you, I give each new member a different picture. Thank you for having courage!

Please know this Mantra - "It wasn't my fault, I can heal."
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  • 2 weeks later...

It is good to be back and I will try and help you all to make up for my absence.

I am off work for another 3 weeks to recover from surgery so will be around.

Oh no I hear you cry :)

:hug::hug::hug:FOR YOU ALL :hug::hug::hug:

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you don't need to "make up".. we're glad you're okay and welcome back.

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  • 4 weeks later...

:shrug: where does the time go?

:sor: I've not been around much....I've been spending time with my parents for company and support. My back is taking its time to heal and I have been / still am in pain. The pain is really bad at times so on a lot of painkillers.

It is so frustrating and I have had some teary moments.

:doctor: says that I have to be patient and has signed me off work until end of September now. I have had infections which have not helped either.

I will try and be around for you all.

Also I have been supporting a friend who has been going through a pretty rough time and I have tried to get her to join this site as she is experiencing a lot of what we are, ie feelings etc She won't at this point which I think is a shame as I really do think it would help her. How do you think i should persuade her to join this site?

have been thinking of you all though.


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