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I knew that my question owuld be seen more here, but if i shouldnt have out it here then by all means, move it :)

Umm, i don't quite get the chat. I'm to chicken to go in because i don't want to do something wrong...but what do people talk about? How does it work when 6 people are in there? I know it says do not linger, but if i entered would i first be able to just see how it works rather than instantly gage in conversation?

I know the obvious thing is to dive head first into the chat, but like i said, i really dont want to mess up or anything.

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I know when I first joined chat was a very daunting place to be - and it took me a while - as it does most people - to feel secure in the chat room.

However you will be so welcome - when you go in say you are new - and feeling a bit nervous - and those in the room will make you feel comfy - there are usually about 5 or 6 people in the room - it does not often go above 10 - if you use the room at the same time each day - then you will get to meet the same people more or less each time - it is very much a time zone thing. It is a great way to build up friendships - but always remember internet safety. Don't give out any personal infomation - such as full name/address/phone number - when you enter the room it ok to take a minute or two to see what is already going on - most things can be talked about - sometimes it is just fun stuff - some times it is more serious - check out the chat room forum and read the guidelines (they may look like a long and boring list but they really do help to keep the room safe) - also check out some of the posts too if you wish.

Feel free to contact myself, sadeyes22 or the chat mods - (listed in green at the bottom of the main forum page) if you have any problems

best wishes


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haha im glad im not alone in feeling nervous about first going in. Feel bit better, going to exhaist the chat forum then give it a shot :P

thanks again

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You are very welcome!! Hope you find your first visit well worth - but take care it can get addictive!!


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Chat is awesome. I have met so many awesome people on there. I'll probably see you in there at some point.

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I am so glad that you went into chat and realized it wasn't as bad as you thought it would be :flowers: If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask. I look forward to seeing you in chat soon.

Take care,


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Chat is a great outlet for me. You will see me there alot. The main rule is that if you come in and you are needing to talk.......by all means ask we want to listen.....if you feel like you have something you want to add to the current conversation just jump in.......dont be shy.......if you do not feel comfortable just watch and listen.......there is no pressure.......we want it to be comfortable for you.......one thing to keep in mind would be if there is a serious conversation already started when you enter the room allow it to finish so that way everyone is able to have equal help with their problems. See you in chat. :flowers: Moonstream

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yankee you need to have posted 10 times to access the chat room so far you have posted 7 times - once you have posted 10 times you can then access chat automatically. But if you have any problems feel free to contact any chat mod

take care


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