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May I Come Back?

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Hi everyone,

i've been a member here for over a year but haven't really been on since October for various reasons - mostly uni.

May i come back? Please? This place i see as my family, please let me return?

Love and Best wishes to you all

Harp x

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Honey you don't have to ask that.

I welcome you any day with open arms.

Welcome back!!!

I have missed you!!!!



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You're welcome hunni!!!



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wb whisper.

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Thankyou SO much for letting me back and making me feel welcome.

I have missed you all, to me, you are family.




You are so very welcome.


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Here's a little welcome back party.

Hope you like it.



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*smiles with happy tears in eyes*

Thank you SO much everyone for welcoming me back :)

Its great to be with you all :)

Thanks Luv :hug:

Yeah one butterfly :butterfly:

Found *smiles huge* thank you so much for welcomeback party - i LOVE it :flowers:


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Hi Harpist,

Of course you can come back , Everyone is always welcome here :flowers: I am glad you have decided to rejoin us.

:hug: :hug:


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