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What Do The Black Lines Mean?

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My question might be silly but I was wondering what it means when some of the post is covered in black lines so you can't read it. It usually seems to be in post that might be really triggering. Is that something that was edited by a moderater or something that we can somehow read? Thanks.

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I was wondering the same thing??? Can anyone give feedback?


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:up: thanks
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I tried it, it really does work.

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As has been mentioned, the black line (

like this

) is a spoiler bar. The person writing the post puts the spoiler bar in to cover something they think might be triggering. To see what they wrote, simply scroll over it and highlight.

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Some hidden text

Some hidden text[/spoiler]

Above is what I use. There is probably easier ways too. For this example one would change the "some hidden text" to the triggering text they want hidden into your normal text box. You enter this into where you write your post.

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Thank you!! I had always thought it was just blotted out by mods or something!! I never knew there was text underneath.... :flowers:

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OK, I'm still quite lost. How do you do that if you want to. Sorry, I am slow. :cry:

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Hi there found,

In the text box - where you want to type the words which you want the spoiler to appear, you will need to put the code in. If you cut and paste from the "code box" into your text box and then change the wording in between, this will give you the spoiler

For example, I typed in

This is a spoiler

[spoiler]This is a spoiler[/spoiler]


This is triggering content

[spoiler]This is triggering content[/spoiler]

Hope this helps - feel free to email or chat to me - maybe someone can come up with an easier way too?

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Click add reply to this text. Then one of the drop-down menus says, 'insert special item'. If you click on it, it gives you a box in which you can type the text that you want blacked out.

This works when you make an original post as well. You can 'insert special item' from the menu, then type in the text.

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it gives you a box in which you can type the text that you want blacked out

I am not getting this box - it just does nothing for me. I tried on a couple of computers? What does the box look like?

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OK, I'm still quite lost. How do you do that if you want to. Sorry, I am slow. :cry:

Hi Found another way would be if you highlight the word or words that you would like to "hide" on the left side of your screen there is a box right under the emoticons that say "quick Access" and under that you click "Insert: SPOILER". Hope that helps...if not I have a version where I posted picture to guide you. I can't post it in this forum because it does not allow me to upload attachments. SO let me know and I Will guide you to another forum.


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