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Hello everyone. This is my first post. I'm very nervous because I have pretty much isolated myself from everyone since the assault. My T recommended this site as a good place to start speaking... at my own pace and seeing that I'm not alone and I'm not weird or crazy. I am looking forward to finding support and offering some as well.

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welcome to as, lynne.

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Welcome to AS, Lynn4. I hope you find what you need here. You are not alone or weird or crazy, and you deserve happiness.

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HI there.

Welcome to AS.

I hope you find this site to be helpful.


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Guest SaraElizabeth

Hi Lynn, and welcome to AS :)

My name is Sara and I'm a member of the Newbie Support Team here at AfterSilence, so if you have any questions or problems then feel free to send me a message and I'll do my best to help you out.

It's alright to be nervous, joining here is a big step. But just take your time to look around and get comfortable with the site and its members, and like your T said, just go at your own pace. You aren't alone, and you aren't crazy and I hope you find everything you need here.

Take good care,

Sara x

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Welcome to AS. Remember your not alone and this is a good place to get support for fellow survivors and vent with people that know how you feel. Always remember you dont have to do anything you dont want to do. You are the one in control and open up at your pace and celebrate every achievement =D.

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I would also like to confirm your not crazy for your thoughts and feelings. I felt crazy for my issues but when i realized it was normal to feel and to think like i do because of what happened to me, i felt better. I was able to start healing and accept that what im doing is ok and find the steps to make it better...

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Welcome to AS :) I hope this site helps you begin healing :flowers:

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Are you finding your way around the boards ok?


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Wow. I am really overwhelmed by all the kind words of encouragement. I'm so emotional. I really have been dealing with this all by myself (have told absolutely no one about the assault, except my T and I guess everybody reading this post). I was really afraid that I would be rejected here (don't know why), but everyone has been very accepting. Thank you.

Found, I am having a little trouble finding my way around, but I'm slowly getting it. Thank you for asking.


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