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Hi everyone,

My name is Mari. Im hoping to get the help I feel I need.

My family dont want to hear anything about the past-nor care about it.

They just tell me to move on. Its so hard..and I feel very alone in this.

My bf helps me alot,but I do worry im being a burden on him..

I try not to talk about it alot to him-but he says its ok.

But still I worry.

Its been a few years since my trauma`s started-I feel as if Ive been hiding if for a whole year or so alone.

I guess,even after all this time- I still feel im speechless about it-and when i do talk about it-its never enough, i know its selfish to say this..but i wish i didnt feel this way either.

But maybe I feel im tired of feeling as if i cant/shouldnt talk about it,but either way,my family just tells me to move on-to forget the past,or I cant move on.

But I feel like I cant move on unless I dont feel safe/free from the past..I wish they knew.

Thank you for reading and taking the time to.

Im from Japn,but im hoping to make a few connections on here for emotional support.

And thank you again for reading this..

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hi hun, nice to meet you. ive been coming to after silence for years and have found it over the time as a real strong part of my healing , plus youre with people who know, understand, and genuine in care for you. I havnt been here for months, so its nice to come back and welcome you. i hope you find it a safe and good place to be in your healing.

strength and validation to you hun....

Nax xx


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HI there. Welcome to AS. I hope you find this site to be helpful.


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Welcome to AS, Mari.

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Hi Mari,

Welcome to Aftersilence. I'm in a similar situation. My boyfriend is really supportive and my family wants me to forget and move on. It's hard, and so I found this place and it's been really supportive. I think you will find this place helpful and a lot of caring people.

Also, if you have any questions at all please feel free to send me a message.


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Welcome Mari!

I'm also in Japan right now, and I think you're very brave for coming to the forums and telling your story! It takes a lot of courage to speak about what happened to you.

Luckily, you can trust people in here to listen to you and support you.

がんばってね! (Means "keep it at it" to you non-Japanese speakers)

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