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New Forum?

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I think that is a good idea - somewhere specific where you can write them out would certainly help me at the moment - I often feel that I want to do that but have no idea where the best place would be


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Excellen idea Maddison, its sort of proven that even writing down memories will help you to release the pent up feelings you have when you get nightmares.

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I've thought about writing them down too. Sometimes I write them in my journal. It helps me sort things out - see what my subconscious is up too. I'd love to have a place here to put them.

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Great idea, thanks Maddison Rose.

I suppose we should be wary of interpreting someone else's dream, though!

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This is a really good idea, b/c our dreams tell us so much. Thank you Maddison Rose for the suggestion.

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Since dreams/nightmares are a part of dealing with the aftermath of abuse, would a sticky topic work?

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I think it would Lindy. Thank you for that suggestion. It makes perfect sense.

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I read this the minute I saw it. What a wonderful idea. I have posted for help for my friend with nightmares and have read everything I could get my hands on. It seems to be the worst part of healing most of the time. As I read the replies, I suddenly realized that it cannot help us secondaries help our survivors because I am certain that it would be a forum for survivors only. I ache for something like this for secondary survivors, because I believe that only survivors can help us help those we support with these issues.

I hope you get this forum. I think it would do everyone a world of good. Not in just documenting and sharing the nightmare(s) that haunt the night, but the solutions, the recognition that the growing frequency and intensity of nightmares may be signaling that the most painful parts are now at hand and ready to spill out, be confronted, be addressed, be dealt with at every level, be put to rest at last.

There is no doubt in my mind that sleep distrubances are among the most painful, draining, troublesome parts of the path to healing. I wish that there was a way to take them away for everyone, but the best we can hope for is to learn how to use and reconstruct them into healing mechanisms.

Be safe, be well, be restful, be healing a little more each day and night, sleep,

:throb: Trustedfriend :throb:

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