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Sexist Remarks

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The simple biology of our species and the differences between our genders has lead to individuals exhibiting violence in different ways. Men are biologically more physically strong there for they tend to exhibit violence in that manner. Women are more socially aware. Therefor they tend to exhibit violence in that manner.

Exactly! As an adherent of the non-aggression principle, I've been saying this for years. Violence comes in many forms and is exercised daily by people you'd never suspect - and of all genders. Physical violence is but one layer and simply the most obvious. Most people have never been challenged to look further.

  • The high school girl who persuades her boyfriend to beat up the ex-boyfriend of her best friend. The girls who started it are just as guilty as the boy who carried out the physical portion of the assault, but not likely to be held accountable should assault charges be filed.
  • The person who will not serve in the military due to religious issues, but enthusiastically supports candidates and incumbents who promise war and rattle sabres like there is no tomorrow. In stark contrast to their own religious beliefs, many people are quite comfortable rallying for war, just so long as someone else does the killing. This type of "civilized" violence committed at the ballot box has killed more people than all others combined in the last century.
  • The woman who slaps or hits her partner in arguments, knowing that he/she will never hit her back. Thankfully, domestic violence committed by women is starting to get prosecuted more regularly in some jurisdictions, although much more work on awareness and prevention is needed. Reporting levels are still very low due to the tendency of law enforcement to deny or even openly mock male survivors of domestic violence. I've been on the receiving end of a woman who thought she could do what she wants when angry. Not fun.
  • The teacher or school administrator who looks the other way (just as likely to be a woman as a man) while a child is mercilessly bullied, coerced or otherwise abused both physically, verbally and mentally. This is one of the most abhorrent forms of violence around. Given how dominant women are in the school systems, someone needs to explain why this still goes on. Aren't women supposedly less inclined to violent tendencies than men? Or do we not care when they look the other way as innocent children are mistreated daily? Explain why they sanction violence in the schools through their inaction - given they tend to overwhelmingly be the more dominant gender in most schools.
  • The individual who calls family/child services with false allegations simply because they don't like their neighbors. When social workers and government officials with badges and guns come for the kids (not always AFTER an investigation), that is a very clear form of violence by proxy.
  • The voter who uses the ballot box to determine who should have certain rights and who should not based on whatever criteria they decide to use that week.

Violence by proxy is still violence and is far more insidious given it happens in plain sight and is often officially sanctioned when not getting the "wink wink." Handpicking stats may make for interesting soundbites, but if we wish to talk violence, then let's get real and stop playing around. Some of the most violent people I know of never get their hands dirty...

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This topic is becoming a debate.

I started this topic asking people to please not group all people of a certain demographic into people who are rapists.

Not all men are rapists, not even most. My point about the religion or ethnicity thing was that it is as bad to call all people of a group something bad because some of the group have done that.

I'm going to ask the moderators to close this thread now because it has totally deviated from the subject. It isn't anything to do with mistrust, or who commits the most violent crimes.

It is simply to say that not all men are rapists, and not all victims are woman, and to please not post things which suggest this.

Thank you,


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