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New But Old


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:cry: :cry: :cry:

I am not so new here, i missed u all so much...

I am in "tears" now, if i can call this state tears, cause i really cant cry i wasn't online for a long time, i had health problems, went to hospital again, my liver is very bad, my home situation is worse now, i gave a lot of exams, that's the only good thing this months ago...

but memories, fears, thoughts became my reality...

i cant cope with my past, with all that pain, i feel so alone, so sad, so powerless, invisible...

i so wish to disappear but i cant, show must go on :cry:

i need u guys, i don't know what to do, how to live...

so terrified, so sad, so alone, i cant breathe anymore...

need ur support plizzz


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Oh Tweety! You sound like you're in so much pain! I'm sorry you're feeling this way, sounds like you have alot on your plate. I'm new to the forums, but I wanted to send you a couple of cyber hugs if ok. My inbox is always open if you need someone to talk to :):flowers:

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Hi Tweety welcome back :flowers:

I am sorry that you are struggling so much right now, I hope things get better very soon.

:hug: :hug:


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Welcome back. We are here for you hun.


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Could I just say that I LOVE your username. my daughter loves tweet too, she has a big tweet pillow and 2 little tweety stuffies. She loves them like they are going out of style.



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thank u all!!!!

i am so bad, i know that :(

this period is so difficult, so stressful that is why i have so many flashbacks and thoughts...

i know but it is hard to cope, i am all by myself in rl

Thank u all u mean so much to me :hug::blush:

Lost and found, thank u :)

u made me smile!

so sorry :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Anytime sweetie. And remember you are not alone. I know how you feel. The struggles and all that surrounds it.

Safe hugs, if ok,



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  • 3 weeks later...

WB Tweety :)

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