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Awareness Commercial

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I have no idea if this is even the right place to post this, but something struck me as I was watching TV the other night.

CBS is great with Public Service Announcemetns (PSAs) that raise awareness about many important causes - breast cancer, depression, autism, suicide, toys for tots, etc.

Yet they have no PSAs to raise awareness for sexual assault and rape. When 1 in 3 or 1 on 4 people will be sexually assaulted or raped at some point in their life, is it not important to make people more aware about the statistics, the dangers, the myths and facts, and get people talking about it? After all isn't breaking the silence and talking about the issue one of the best ways to raise awareness?

I would really love to see a sexual assault/rape awareness PSA. I have tried emailing CBS, but I get no response. There is not even a way to contact their CBS Cares Division listed on teh website.

I am hoping that if enough support groups get out voice their desire for such a PSA, they might listen. I am but one person. If AfterSilence or other support forums voiced the request as a whole, they might listen. With the recent gang rape of the girl in Richmond, such a PSA would be even more powerful.

Please help if you can. Go to http://www.cbs.com/info/user_services/fb_global_form.php and tell them that you want to see sexual assault/rape awareness PSA, and let’s help end the silence.

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is this an american thing?

im in scotland...dont think we have these comercials here at all...on any issue. never ever have.

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Yeah we have them in Scotland :-)

There is a good one out about abuse right now actually. Can't remember it fully bt there is painting on walls.

The rape crisis centre had a great thing a while back, pictures of people out drinking wearing almost nothing and saying it isn't an invitation to rape, and a couple on their wedding day saying a similar thing.

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Yeah, CBS is an American Televison Company, but they broadcast their stuff online as well. I'm not sure about Scotland, but many countries do have PSAs on radio and TV, its just a matter of being heard and having some of those PSAs focus on rape and sexual assault issues.

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Booooooooooooooost! :wink:

Please use the feedback form for CBS located here.

Under "Regarding", scroll down until it reads, "Other, Not Listed".

Type in your information and add a message.

Hopefully we can all generate enough requests to allow CBS Cares to air an awareness commercial.

It is a great idea. Thanks, Wren!

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I have seen childhood sexual abuse awareness commercials on TV in Australia on cable. It is the White Balloon Day "It is all White to say No campaign". They were played in noticable timeslots too - I was very happy to see them. Thanks for the link to CBS.

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I know there used to be one out there....don't remember who it was by or what network or anything because it triggered me horribly and I had to change the channel the second it came on!

There's a huge awareness push going on in my town right now. While I'm really glad the message is getting out there, it's killing me to see the ads on every billboard, in seemingly every store window, etc.

So there are some PSA's out there in some place, but definitely if you're seeing a lack of them I'd say go for it with getting in contact w/ppl and networks and getting the message out there more.

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