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Hello there aloneandbroken- Welcome to AfterSilence.


I'm sorry for the way you're feeling right now. I know how it feels when you first join and there's all these threads and posts and other members. It does seem a little overwhelming, but don't fear- you'll get the hang of it over time. :flowers:

Don't worry about sharing your story right at this instant. It is all in your time- when you're ready to. Gosh, I didn't share mine until about my year in of AS. The place is there when you're ready.

For right now, I'd like to point out other threads that may be a little more comfortable to post in. There are too threads that is the second section from the members who are online list. They are Humor & Silliness and Amusement Alcove. You can tell a joke or just discuss about a certain movie, book, or music.

You'll find your way around. I know it may seem like a lot to take in, but take a deep breath and it'll come easier. ♥

If you ever have any questions- feel free to message me.

I'd be glad to help. :)



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hi there *waves*

it is really overwhelming speaking out for the first time huh?

i rember being where you are now...wanting to reach out for support, but at the same time being so afraid and unsure of myself.

your not alone in these feelings hon.

i can tell you that, from my own experinces....reaching out for support, talking about all of this, learning how to process it all...over time, it definbalyhas got so much easier.

its a slow process, so dont rush yourself...trust and confidence will come..just go easy..little bit at a time.

there certinly is never any pressure here..Never.

This is your journey..you go at it at your own pace.

You will meet understanding and support here. This is a safe place to express yourself, but..in your own time hon.

You already too kthe biggest step...you joined..you said hi..

seems small? its not...its huge.

by joining up your saying 'i want to get thru this' that takes courage :)

so..as you were already advised above..just take your time, start with the ligher topics if thats eaiser for you, go at this how ever feels best for you.

Oh..and...Welcome to after silence...looking forward to gettin to know ya more

ooh...anddd.....here, have a wee pengy, just cos hes adorable.--> :penguin:

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Please can you help me I'm new here, I ant to share my story I feel like i'm going mad.


I'm glad you've found this forum where you can freely share your story with us without judgment. We will support you as we're a good bunch. :)


Welcome to AS too.

:flowers: Kathrina :flowers:

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Welcome to AS! We are certainly glad you found us. I know when I first joined I sat in the background for a while just watching. I didn't post too much - I just observed. Go about this however you find most comfortable. There is no right or wrong way to heal. You've taken a huge step in joining us here. If you have any questions feel free to PM me! I believe a Newbie Support Team Member should be contacting you soon!

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Guest SaraElizabeth

Hi and welcome to AS :)

My name is Sara and Im a member of the Newbie Support Team which was set up to help new members settle in, so if you have any questions or need any help then feel free to send me a message and I'll do whatever I can to help you out.

As for sharing your story - like the others said, just do it in your own time. There's no pressure and you won't be judged. And just post as little or as much as you feel comfortable with. This is a safe place and a really warm and caring atmosphere, and I know it's a little overwhelming at first but Im sure you'll settle in well soon.

Take good care

Sara x

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Welcome to AS! :supportu::notalone:

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Welcome to AS. :)

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