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Im new on here. Not really sure why i joined. Obviously im a suvivor of sexual abuse. But im so screwed up, im not ready to post my story, and im not ready to read other peoples. So im sorry that im so useless.

My names kaylie, im 17. I have a son, and a daughter. My daughters twin died last year.

I have lost my brother and my sister.

Both my parents comitted suicide.

I dont really know what to say. Im sorry. I dont want sympathy. I just want to talk to people nicely.

I have a lot of mental health issues. Im in a mental health unit. Well actually at the moment im ill in hospital but when im better i'll go back to mhu.

Speak to people soon maybe x

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Welcome to After Silence Kaylie :wave:

AS is a very supportive community, so make yourself at home.

Dont feel pressured to share your story, or to read other peoples just yet. Just get comfy here, get to know us, and post when your ready.

Wishing you all the best,


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Guest SaraElizabeth

Hi Kaylie, welcome to AS.

It's ok - don't feel pressured to tell your story or reply to posts - just do whatever you feel comfortable with, you won't be judged. You will be supported, like AshleyMarie said :)

The only forums that non-members can see are the Public:Welcome forum, the Amusement Alcove forums and the the Secondary Survivors forum. The other forums only members can see, so they are 'safe'.

I'm a member of the Newbie Support Team, so if you have any questions or would like any help, then feel free to send me a message and I'll do what I can to help you. :)

Take good care

Sara x

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Welcome to AS. Members try and write headings that explain if posts will trigger, language, etc. Everyone understands that others are in different stages of healing/health. Take care and as much time as you need to make sure this is a good environment for you.


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Welcome to AS. :)

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