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Hi Everyone

I'm new here, but i'm a friend of Cllnpix (We both have the same name, Sarah!). She recommmended this site to me, as i'm not coping with everything i've been through. I was abused and raped by my dad for several years, but my mum and I moved to get away from him. Hope i'll fit in here.



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Hi Sarah,

I'm sure you will fit in here sweetie, feel free to post away and know that you are not alone.

Welcome! :)

:hug: :hug:

Donna =)

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Welcome to AS, I hope it can help in some small way, take your time to get to know us and look forward to getting to know you .. :hug:

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Welcome to AS. You are definitely in the right place, although I am sorry that you need to be here. This is a great group of folks who are very warm, caring, and supportive. I think you'll like it here.



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welcome to AS :hug:


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