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Hi Everyone *waves*

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:wave: Hello everyone, I'm Meg and im 16 (i hope thats not too young and please dont refrain from talking to me because of it) I live in the UK i joined this site in a hope to help my recovery as im only just starting to come to terms with what happened to me. Im quite mature for my age.. in all honesty im a bit of a loner, im not studying right now but am looking for part time work. I enjoy art, writing etc as well as a lot more. I hope i can get to know a few of you and that i can help as many people as possible too. :blush: I hope you're all doing ok and im sending you all my best wishes :luck: take care x

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Hi and welcome to AS

16 is fine - the age limit is 14 to infinity (I am in the infinity bracket!)

Best wishes


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Hullo there and welcome, LoneMagpie :wave:

It speaks a lot to your maturity and strength that you're reaching out here and taking steps in your life to heal.

I know you'll find lots of support and understanding,not to mention friendship here at AS.

I look forward to knowing you,


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Welcome to AS. :)

Below is a link for the Young Adult Forum so you can get acquainted with other teens. :flowers:


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Hello lonemagpie! :flowers:

You'll find lots of friendship and understanding here!

I know I have! :)

I wish you all the best in your recovery!



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Hey Meg,

Welcome to AfterSilence :) - I'm glad you've decided to come here and no you're certainly not too young to be here :), as dodo said it's 14 to infinity, I generally try to bluff I'm in the infinity bracket also :P, however I can only get away with saying I'm 18, (19 next month :)) and have been here since I was 16, so there's certainly no worries being that age, and from what I got from being here from 16 is that people didn't seem to refrain from talking to me because of my age, infact because we can't actually see you, generally people just go on how mature someone sounds in what they right, rather than there actual age :). That's what I've found anyhoo :)

I think being abit of a loner is all good here too :) I'm pretty shy myself, although I do have my good and close friendships, which is good :) So yeah I'd say I'm abit of a loner too, although I do seem to have become more open as I've gotten older, so maybe the same will happen with you too? :) Possibily :flowers: - I hope to get to know you also and I hope that you get to know many people here at AS, and that we can all offer support and help each other through the hard times, because that's really what AS is all about so it's great to hear you're also hoping to help others also, because as well as getting support, AS is also a great place to give support to your fellow survivors, which is in its own right quite helpful to yourself also :)

Anyhoo, I've prob gone on enough for now, all I wanna say now is welcome and I look forward to seeing you here and please feel free to PM me anytime :flowers:

John :hug:

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Hello Meg and Welcome to After the Silence. I wish I had this place to turn to when I was 16. Its just great that you have joined us here. I hope that you find all the support and encouragement that you need from us. The people here are kiind and understanding and very sensitive to your need, they have always been great to me. Feel Free to talk about anything you want here, we are here to listen. Please take good care of yourself and I will keep you in my thoughts.


Roxy :kitty::wave::bighug::rasta::pray::butterfly::aswelcomesu:

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Hi Meg,

new also, and happy I found this place, I'm 27, but everyone tells me I look 18 lol...(I wish) I'm not much fun right now, sowy...but glad to be here, glad your here too! :blush:

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