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I Am Back

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:hi: Hi all,

I was not here since ages and there was a good reason for that. I needed to change my T. as not everything was going like it should be......

I've found the perfect T for me now and we have sessions together since 5 months. It was a very hard time and first thing I had to do was - No Forum.

I missed all of you here soooooooo much. You all here gave me big support and new hope - but this step was something I needed to do on my own and just for me.

When I look back now - i can see a very deep valley behind me. I went through and am on the way to the top of the mountain called healing.

The way is still very long and even the top will just be a new beginning.

I am strong enough now to be back. So I would like to say Hello again and :loveas:

I hope, that I can give a bit of the support back to you - you gave me, when I was in need. And there is one message I would like to leave here for everybody.

When ever you think, that there is no way out and when ever you think you can't go on anymore - look back and see how far you are! Healing is possible. I never believed in that but now I DO!!! There is a way out and this way will bring you to a life full of colours and new hope.

:bighug: to all of you. I will see you around the board.

:greet: chance

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Hi and welcome back

I am so glad to hear things are going well for you


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WB Chance. :)

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