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Just A Short Introduction...


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Hello everyone, my name is Suzanne and I am 20 years old. I am a pharmacy student. In the future I hope to invent new medicines against diseases, to make the life of those people more tolerable. To everybody in my environment I am that fortunate girl, but as everybody here, I have a past with awful memories.

I never had the courage to tell my secret to anyone. Maybe because I didn't want to face myself with it in the first place. Lately I am starting to feel the need to "do something" with my past. I can't ignore it anymore the way I used to. I feel alone with my feelings.

I don't know if I will ever be able to tell my whole story, but what I hope to find is a save place to share feelings and everyday struggles.

Well, that was my short introduction. If you have questions for me, please ask.


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Guest SaraElizabeth

Hi Suzanne and welcome to AS :)

My name is Sara and I am a member of the Newbie Support Team, so if you have any questions or need any help then I'd be happy to help you, just send me (or another team member) a message.

Pharmacy sounds difficult - thats a really good ambition to have though, hope you get to do it someday :) Here you are not alone - there will be loads of people who can understand and help you. You've come to the right place - this is a safe and comforting place to open up and I'm glad you've found us.

I hope you settle in soon


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Hello Suzanne, and welcome to AS. :)

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Welcome to AS!

I love your avatar picture, its beautiful.

I'm a nursing student, so next year I will be studying some pharmacology, hope I'll learn some good stuff!

Hope you enjoy your time here,

Rosi x

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Hi Suzanne - welcome, I'm new myself. I know what you mean about having to deal with your past in order to move forward. My undergrad was in biology as well, lots of chemistry. I give you credit - pharmacy is tough!!

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