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Hi, I'm Sam~

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Hi, I'm Samantha, I'm 20...

I joined this site a couple of weeks ago... as of yet I haven't posted anything... I'm hoping sometime real soon I'll be able to, but I think for now an introduction is as good as any ^^

Umm... I think everyone who posted deserves a hug just for being able to talk on here, I'm glad to have taken the time to register here ^^

Can't really think of anything else I want to say here~ Feel free to reply or pm me if you like, I like to think I'm still kinda sociable regardless so... yeah thats my introduction, maybe talk to you really soon

~Sam x~

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Thank you for the replies ^^ I had a bit of a bad day yesterday so... my first post didnt really say much about me I must admit.

I'm from a small town called Walsall, near Birmingham in England. I'm a second-year student studying for a degree in Psychology... I hope to specialize in clinical psychology someday.

My reason for being here is a small hope, that maybe I could tell someone everything I've been through... As of yet, my brain refuses to agree with my hands, so even though I've tried to type it out a few times, I end up deleting what I've written.

I'll still hope ^^

Sam x

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you don't have to jump all the hurdles in one day. be patient with yourself. it will come with time. and the great thing about AS is that no one rushes anyone, we'll be here when you're ready.

love and support,


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Hi, Sam, and welcome to AS! I understand how hard it is to share these things. Just take your time. Message me if you ever need anything or just wanna talk. Love, support, and best wishes to you. Take good care. -Spencer :notalone::aswelcomesu:

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Guest SaraElizabeth

Heyy :)

Welcome to AS - I'm a member of the Newbie Support Team, so if you have any questions or problems I would be happy to help, just send me a message.

You're the same age as me, and I'm about to go into my second year of a psychology degree :) I want to specialise in clinical psychology as well. Do you use SPSS to do your statistics? I hate that program!

Dont worry about writing out details - just take your time and do it when you feel comfortable, like others have said, there's no pressure :)

Hope you're doing ok


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I loved spss last year ^^ I'm a bit of a math geek, so I ended up helping my friends work out all of the maths side ^^

Last year's notes are looking a bit well-worn after the amount of times i've re-read them though ^^ I just hope i can do my second year.... waiting to hear off my tutor about that one~

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Guest SaraElizabeth

I can do all the other sides of it - just SPSS throws me completely!

I hope you can do your second year as well :) Do you live at home for university or did you move away?

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well.. theyre waiting on me at the moment~ I haven't decided what to do or even really, how to do it.... They suggested i do everything from home, but that it might make it difficult if i came up against problems which could affect my overall degree grade~

If i don't start back in september, I have to do the first year all over again

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Welcome to AS, Sam :) I'm sorry for what brought you here, but I hope you find AS to be a very safe and supportive environment.

And I think you deserve a :hug: too, for registering -- that alone can be very scary. Take care.

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