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Hi Everyone

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My Name is Cashmere and I have been living with a wieghted ball around my neck for three years.

I didn't want counselling, I didn't want to share, I just wanted to forget it ever happened, but I've been doing this alone for too long and I have now taken my first step in the healing process.

I 21 years old and I've had relationship, sexual and emotional turmoil in my life since the fateful event. I've done a very good job of forgetting but when I remember, it hurts almost too much to bear. No woman should ever have to physically block out memories like so many have had to do in order to stay sane.

It's dificult to imagine that I am not alone in this pain but I'm hoping talking to others who have experienced similar heartbreak will make it easier.

Thanks to everyone who reads this, as it's nice to feel involved in a community of survivors.

With my broken heart, Cashmere (South Australia, Australia)

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Hello Cashmere.. Welcome to AS..

Hope you can find what youre looking for.. youre certainly gonna find alot of support.

Thanks Very much, I have been reading other posts on the forum and I think that I'll really be able to learn from all these amazing and strong people :)

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Hi Cashmere,

Welcome to AS! :flowers:

You are not alone in this, and we're willing to listen when you're ready to talk...

sending support and hugs,


Thank you so much Feona, I really appreciate someone just saying they're willing to listen

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Hello cashmere,

Welcome to AS. I'm one of the Newbie Support staff and I'm here to help if you have any problems or questions about this forum. I'll send you a Welcome email in a moment.

I also live my life blocking pain and its exhausting, so I understand how you feel. I hope that coming here will be a step towards getting that pain out in a safe place. I know for me it really helped.

Kia kaha, from the south of NZ............ stand strong girl :hug:



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Hello Cashmere, and welcome to AS from America. :)

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