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Hello. My name is sarah. I feel very alone at this minute and need to reach out for people who understand. I have found this site and will welcome new friends. God it sounds so lame...alone! I,m hurting beyond anything i thought possible. I want it to go away.

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Guest SaraElizabeth

Hi and welcome to AS

My name is Sara (same as yours but spelt different!) and I am a member of the Newbie Support Team which was set up to help new members settle in, so if you have any questions or need any help then please feel free to send me or another team member a message.

You will find loads of people who understand here - you're not alone. :)

:hug: if ok


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Hi Sarah :wave:

Welcome to AS

My name is Cathy, I am part of the newbie support team here at Aftersilence. I will be happy to help you settle in, if you have any problems or questions you send me or any member of the team a personal message.

I am sorry that you are alone at the moment.. but this site is a great support, and can defenitly help you feel less alone.. :hug: if ok?

Hugs and Support


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Hi Sarah,

Welcome to AS. I am sorry you are feeling so alone and having such a hard time. You do not sound lame. I hope you find the support and comfort you need here. if I can do anything, or if you need to talk PM me.

Much Comfort,


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Hello Sara, and welcome to AS. :)

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