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im sort of new because i was in the hospital for long but im out and i can live with my dad again and i can come here more he comes here to his name is brotherof8 we got the same real name so people call me my middle name doug so no one gets confused bye

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Welcome back to AS Doug!!! :)

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Welcome back Doug.

If you need any help around the boards, please let me know. I know you've been here before, but feel free to PM me with any questions. I hope we can support you through your healing.



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Welcome back, Doug!!

I'm sure your dad is happy to have you home and we are happy to see you back here!


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WB to AS. :)

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I'm so glad to have you back. :)

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Welcome Back to AfterSilence Doug, I look forward to seeing here :) I hope you feel better after spending time in hospital and I hope that the time you spent helped you on your healing journey :hug:

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