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Need Friends

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I am new here and have made a few posts but I am wondering how do I make some friends. People to talk to. I am a talker and now that I have realized how much talking helps I need to talk to others who can relate to how I am feeling. :flowers:

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You can always PM me if you want. :) I have AIM too, don't know if you have that but if you do let me know and I can give you my screen name.

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Hello Tam, and welcome to AS. :)

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PM me if you would like to talk i wont bite well not much anyway hahah :P

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Hi Tamara,

I'm pretty new here too. You can always PM me. I'm always happy to talk. I'm at a point where I seem to need to both talk and listen.


Moreta. :flowers:

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Hey there Tamara!

Firstly welcome to AS! I am reasonably new here, and happy to talk , if ever you would like to.... just email or PM me anytime and I will say hello back as soon as I am able to

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I am also new and am looking for someone to talk to.I have never really talked about what happend to me. I have aim and yahoo messanger

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Hey Tamara,

:) I think starting this thread is a good way to make friends.... If you ever want someone to chat to feel free to PM me :hug:


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