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New To As Board -

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Hello to all AS members,

This has been a long road for me. Part of me is amazed that I've come this far in my healing and another part longs for some kind final resolution.

I am 53 yrs old and was molested by my mother's second husband for 10 yrs., beginning at age 8.

My abuser made sure I was frightened of my mother and what her response might be if I told her what he had done at the time of the first incident. So, as the incidents accumulated, I thought my silence reinforced my "guilt", making me appear as a partisipant instead of his innocent victim. This continued until I would rather have died than tell anyone what he did to me.

This mind f*ck was the torture of my childhood.

As an abult, I married a man who treated me the way I was used to being treated, like sh*t. I chose him because he was familar. My marriage ended after 12 hellish years (in 1992) of being physically, emotionally, sexually and spiritually abused. I left while there was enough left of me to raise my two daughters, who are now adults and of whom I am very proud. :flowers:

I hadn't been in a position to process my abuse (I had to focus on survival) until i remarried and my current husband is very supportive of my healing journey - in what ever path that takes.

I have tried the traditional "chat" therapy in the past and have remained lost & stuck in a dark and wonded place. So, I have chosen several alternative therapies over the last year. I have sat with Wise Women, been exposed to Goddess Teachings, Earth Medicine Teachers, Transformational Hypnotherapy and currently a Shaman - who has guided me through a "Soul Retrieval".

I am very hopeful and finally finding "My Inner Peace".



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WOW....what a beautiful, warm, heartfelt welcome! I am so impressed by your "realness", honesty, determination, and most of all, your integrity. You amaze me and I feel extremely honored to have you as my friend. I wish you continued growth on "your journey" which seems to be going in the precise direction. I am here ALWAYS if you need anything and I hope you find what it is you may need at AS. I am so proud of your determination to be healed and I know I can learn from you. You have a big heart and I am sure people will see that on here the minute you type one single word. Good luck my sweet friend! :)



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Welcome to AS. :)

Get to know some of the Adult Survivors by clicking the link below. :flowers:


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Guest SaraElizabeth

Hello and welcome to AS :)

My name is Sara and I am a member of the Newbie Support Team, which was set up to help new members settle in, so if you need any help feel free to message me or another member of the team.

I am really sorry for what you've been through, but can tell from your post that you have so much strength. I hope AfterSilence helps you in your healing journey and you find your inner peace

Sara :flowers:

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Welcome to AS. I am sorry for what has brought you here but I am glad you found us. This is a great safe place and I hope you get as much support as you want/need. There is no pressure to post anything so just take your time

Take gentle care


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Thank-you Everyone for Your Kind Replies!! :wub::hug:

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