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I Wish

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Hey there... My name is Judy, I am 16 years old currently living in the las vegas, nevada. I am a rape survivor indeed. I came here in hopes to make new friends, and for others to express idea's, thoughts, and emotions to me... so I can get an understanding of why I feel the way I do...

I have a website... but won't post it here... because that would be rude to advertise my site on someone else's site. anyways... uhhmm... yea.. that's me :hug:

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Hi Judy, Welcome to the boards. I love it here. There are so many wonderful creative people that post here and everyone is so helpful. Many members have there own websites. Feel free to post a link to your website. I would love to check it out..............Michelle

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:hug::dance: A new friend! Yay! Of course, I'm sorry you are having to go thru this, but I'm so glad you took the step for more support.

My name is Anne :) And I am 17. I'm a sexual abuse/rape survivor "indeed" also. Its always really beneficial and encouraging to meet a survivor close to the age you are. You know?

I'd love to hear your story, so when you're ready, PM me and maybe we can get in the chatroom and talk or email or something. Let me know...

Love, Anne..."Eva" <<going to change my name when I'm 18 in 6 months and become a WHOLE NEW ME!

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Hi Judy, :)

Definetly feel free to post your site up, I'd love to check it out also. :)

Welcome to the board hun. :hug:

:hug: :hug:

Donna =)

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Hi Judy,

welcome to AS. Please feel free to lean on us for support, we are here sweetie. And like others already said, please feel free to post the link to your website and to place it in your signature if you wish. I'll be very happy to check it out :)

The rule about not posting websites only applies to these who register with the only intention of plugging their websites and never come back. You are very welcome to post about your website and I think you are a very brave and kind person for trying to help others while going through your healing journey. Let us know the url of your site so that we may all sign the guestbook! :hug:

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Hey, welcome Judy!


I 'm 18, and there are a few younger members here, so thats cool. I hope you like it here and make some good friends! I've been here a few months now and I have to say I love this place!! Hope you find it as helpful as me!


Diana x

ps. I'd love to see your site.. I'm amazed at how so many people know so much about computors!! I am clueless about them! :lol:

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(((judy))) welcome to AS.

im 17 and my name's charlene.

hope we can help you in your healing journey

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:wub::hug: I wanna see your website! I love websites, anything you can do to spread the word to help fight against sexual abuse and domestic violence is not only helping you, it's a positive step for others as well afterall you never know who you will be reaching out to. But I thank you for having the heart to say what you said because you are right I mean there are some people who register simply to post links and then run away hehe, so we feel comfortable thank you so much sweetie!

Other than that I want you to know that you are so welcome here at 'After Silence' any time. I'm just one of the crazy members haha! So here's some welcoming hugs! It's time to celebrate your Survival and begin a beautiful healing process. :)

Love, Haullie

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Guest hurtingforever

Hi Judy,

My name is Lindsay. I am glad you found AS. I hope you find it as helpful as I do. Feel free to post your website. Many members have.

See ya around



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Oh wow! I feel so welcome! and thank you! :) Just so you guys know.. since you all want to see my site..

my website is..

Broken Silence

aka.. www.painfulscars.com Most of the info isn't up yet... I just got it started... and if anyone is willing to help me out... in finding resources please PM them to me! and also.. I'd love to share my story with all of you :)... my aftermath up to this point.. and everything else you'd like to know :P

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welcome (((((((((((((Judy)))))))))))......hope you find as much support, love and comfort at AS as I have.



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