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Hi there,

I found this site a couple days ago and I think it's great! I just turned 25 and I am trying to sort through some past experiences. I have really amazing friends and family who support me, but sometimes it is just nice to know people understand because they have been there and not just because they love you. I'm really hoping that I can find support and provide support for others here. Thanks!


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Hi Liz nice to meet you. I've been here for a few days, and I have already found it to be very helpful in my recovery. I think you will really enjoy it here. :flowers:


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Hi Liz, welcome to the forum. It is fantastic that you have a good support system behind you and there are a lot of people here who I am sure will do all they can to support you as well!

Please keep posting when you feel comfortable :hug: (if ok?)

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Hi and welcome to AS

we are a wonderfully supportive validating understanding and caring bunch here.There is always someone who can relate to and validate feelings thoughts and issues that come after being abused/assaulted..Were here for you and you matter to us



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Hi Liz24 :wave:

I am Cathy, I am a member of the newbie support team. Myself and the rest of the team are here to help you with any questions or problems you have starting off.

It can deffinitly be hard sometimes even with a greet support group if they do not know what you are going threw, I hope that you find the support and understanding here look forward to seeing you around the board


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Hey Liz,

It sounds like to me you've got some amazing friends and family, who love you very much, but I can totally relate to, as I am sure many people here can, that fact you're seeking to meet people who've experienced similar things to you, that's totally understandable, and I think the reason we're all here, to get that validation and understanding, and please rest assure, you'll get that here, this place is so supportive and amazing :hug:


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Welcome to AS. :)

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