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Hi, I'm Shy

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hi, I'm new here. I'm pretty shy, but I thought this might be a good alternative to a support group since I pretty much don't talk.

I was abused by my father and then put into foster care. I was also abused there, but not sexually. I'm struggling with my issues while going through a divorce and a resent miscarriage.

Thanks for listening.

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Welcome sweetheart. Good luck. Hope to see you around.

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Guest SaraElizabeth

Hello and welcome to AS

I'm sorry for all the pain you have endured and are still enduring, but I'm so glad you've found us. This place is a source of endless support to many of its members and I hope it is the same for you

I look forward to seeing you around the boards :)

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Hello Teachergirl! :hi:

Welcome to A.S.

I'm sorry for everything your going thru!! When it rains, it pours, doesn't it?!?!?

I've been thru a miscarriage (with a D&C) & I am a survivor of Incest from my

father as well. Sounds like we've got some stuff in common. Glad your here!

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Welcome to AS. :)

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Welcome to AS.. you will find some amazing people here.... so compassionate. :console:

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:hug: Welcome! I'm new here too! I'm so sorry for your situation. I'm really shy too and the first time I told my story was only a month ago. I was sexually abused by two of my cousins for 5 years. I know about shame and everything else. I'm here if you want to talk - one shy girl to another! PM me anytime!
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Hello and welcome to AS. I think you will be helped by finding others who understand just how bad, bad can really feel. They have helped me alot. Happier times are what you really deserve and we all support each other on those really bad days too. See ya on the boards. :flowers:

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i have the same issue with needing to be behind the screen to be able to share. nice thing about AS is that b/c it's international, there's pretty much someone here to listen 24/7. and not only are the people here listening, they actually "get it" and understand what it feels like. we're finally not alone.

welcome to AS.

your new friend,


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Welcome to AS

I just want to say you are very brave for telling us your story.

Thank you for opening to us and I hope to see you more around on AS :)

Feel free to pm anytime, if you want to talk.

(((Hugs))) if ok?


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Welcome to AS. I am sorry to hear that you are going threw a rough time. I hope that things get better for you.


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