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Hi ^^

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Welcome to AS. :)

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Ahh thanks ^^

Hi Esyntha!

Welcome to the site of A.S.

Were here for you whenever your ready!

You will feel comfortable here because everyone is nice & supportive!

Take Care! :flowers:

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Hey esyntha,

I have a learning disability myself which I have been able to overcome with the help of some very good university professors, but I can relate to you in terms of knowing what it's like to have a disability :) ... I just wanted to say welcome to AfterSilence and please know that this place is very understanding and supportive and we're here to help you, and to share our healing journeys with you so please come here when you need abit of understanding from fellow survivors :hug:

John :flowers:

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Thanks everyone ^^

And yeah, I have split personality disorder.. So I end up places with no prior knowledge of going there. alot of really bad stuff has happened because of that.

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