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Have tried to disasociate myself from e mails regarding this forumn !please can you do this for me as I have tried to no avail !

best regards Gordon !

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Hey Mate,

What seems to be the problem? What emails are you getting in regards to the Adult forum?

If it's the email notification of replies you're getting if you uncheck the "Enable email notification of replies" box before you make a reply then that should stop you getting notifications, you can also change this setting in your profile for all you replies. Just have a look in my controls.

I'm not really sure what emails you're talking about, so this is really all I can suggestion at the moment, hope you can figure it out, my PM box is open if you need my help at all :)


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To stop the emails, go to "My controls". On the left, you'll see "Subscriptions". Click on either link topics or forums and check the boxes, then click unsubscribe. That should take care of the issue.

Take care,


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I tried to disable email notifications from here too, (only because the 'from' space is titled, Sexual abuse forum, or something like that, I share this address with my family, so it would be great if it could be more discreet) and it took quite a while to kick in for some reason, but it's OK now. Maybe I needed to log out and back in again or something, I don't know.

Hope it works for you soon!!

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