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Changing Your User Name

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but if you really need to you need to contact lindy - or possibly a mod - I am not sure


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:hug: :hug: :hug: SeckunClass :hug: :hug: :hug: Im sorry i didnt mean to freak you out there, all i was thinking of doing was changing my name(angel123) above my angel picture to my real name cause i always sign off from posts with my real name. Im so so sorry if that upset you, i totally understand where you are coming from, I dont like change either. I hope your ok hun....

Im sorry if i upset anyone with asking this question, ive just seen the post lindy has on the board about it.....sorry :sadang:

Lol Sharon xxxx

P.S Lindy....I think ill leave the name change for a bit, thanks anyhow.

And thanks karen for your reply hun....

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(((((((((Sharon)))))))))) I don't think asking for a name change is wrong, sometimes we need to move on from our old usernames, I personally changed my username to John from biggestfoot a while ago, it was a big step of me because it symbolized me coming out of hiding about what happened to me and on this website showing everyone "this is who I am". For me I found it quite healing and would never want me username changed back now, just do it when the time is right for you :hug:

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Hi Sharon;

Actually I agee with John ( I NEVER said such a thing) I understand the need to update our identities as we grow. For whatever reason it really throws me for a loop when folks change pictures and never mind the names. I truly wish we had a little thread somewhere where folks could announce they are changing their identities around. Sometimes it takes me a few days to figure out what happened and for those folks I don't know very well I'm sure there have been some who just 'vanished' from my radar without me even knowing.

very disorienting, esp with PTSD, dissociation, med side effects etc.

:lindybear: oh look, a bunny :chase:

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John....I think il leave the name change untill im 100% sure..it is a big decision.

Hi hun....Ive decided i started here with angel123 and maybe i will stick with it, i totaly understand where you are coming from with the picture changing, it gets me sometimes as well...

I hope you are doing ok today, sending you some hugs :hug: :hug: :hug: if ok.

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This is really a message for SeckunClass - am thinking of changing my user name but thought should seek your views first. Am assuming you are much in favour since you suggested it in the first place. I would howver be much saddened if I were to disappear from your radar.

I would do it gradually sort of one letter at a time but am afraid this would be more difficult - what do you think. :hmm:

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