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Hi. I am new and pretty well intimidated by this place. It looks all nice and pretty but I cant help to be scared. I am scared real easy though. I guess I will start with the easy stuff about me. I am 21 years old, and this is my last year at a pretty decent college. These four years of my life were my first away from my abusive family. A year ago I lost the most important person in my life, my grandmother. She was the one family member who always protected me and made me feel important. Sometimes I just feel so alone. That is why I found this place. I know I am not alone, but I need to know with out doubt. Thank you for reading.

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Hey Prudence,

Welcome to AfterSilence :tealribbon:

Please know how you're feeling right now, coming to AfterSilence, and not being used to this place, it being a new place, with new people you don't know or trust yet, the scared feeling you're feeling now is very much normal, and I felt exactly the same way when I first joined AS, but please know that after a little while that does start to ease, and you do get more comfortable here, it just takes time :) I am sure one you've been here for a while you'll feel right at home - and if their is anything I can do to help with that please let me know :hug:

I think the whole reason that AS is here, is so that we all know that we're not alone, and personally, it's help me to no end knowing that their are others out their who get me, and validate my feelings, it's helped me get through this period of my life.

I wanna say thank-you for joining AfterSilence because by doing so, you're breaking the silence, and getting support and please also know I think you're very brave for doing so, and am very proud that you had :bighug: I look forward to seeing you here at AS in the future, and I hope you find what you're looking for here at AS :hug:

Take gentle care :flowers:


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Hi Prudence,

:aswelcomesu: It felt overwhelming to me when I first joined as well. I am sorry for the things that have led you here but glad you found us.

You are not alone and here you are among friends.

So, make yourself at home :hug::flowers:

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:wave: Prudence, & welcome to AS!


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I am really sorry for the things that led you here but I am glad that you found your way to AS. Take your time and look around; I am sure that you will be feeling comfortable and at home in no time. I know that it can seem a bit intimidating at first but I think that once you give yourself some time, read some other posts etc., you will feel a little better about being a member of a site like this one. I know that it can be difficult but know that you only have to share what you want to or need to. There's no pressure. There are a some great people here who will offer you the support and encouragement you are looking for and deserve. I look forward to seeing you around the board. Take good care of yourself and PM me if you would like. Thinking of you.


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Welcome to the board .. :aswelcomesu:

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hi im recently new here too.

i was terrified when i first found this site.

i quickly have become more comfortable with the site and the people in it.

i hope you find this site as useful as i have already in my short time. :flowers::up:

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Welcome to AS Prudence. I'm glad you found this site, it's really helped me a lot. Everyone is so nice and VERY supportive!!!

Spend some time checking it out, take your time and work at your own pace. There's nothing to be scared of we're a real friendly bunch.

You've got my support!!!

Novoice ((((((Safe Hugs))))))) :flowers:

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Welcome to AS!!

You'll be sure to find a lot of support and understanding here. :)

Take you're time to look around.


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