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5 Words To Your Perpetrator

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im glad you are dead

i still hate all flowers

hope you dont get flowers

i never ever said yes

anything but yes is NO

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you are completely utterly disgusting

a baby?? seriously? you asshole!!

hope it hurt like hell

death looks good on you

time to burn it all down

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wasnt done
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You're forgiven, we were children.

I forgive, I never forget.

Sometimes I still hurt.

I hurt you back; sorry.

I hope God forgives you.

You're lucky I'm stronger.

I know you regret it. 

I am healing from you.

I hope you let yourself heal.

We can't change the past.

So live in the present.

And work to the future.

I am free. Are you?



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i was 3 years old

you knew it was wrong

what do i do now

how do i move on

i can't be near you

you were my older brother 

i'll never have enough answers

i can't even confront you 

your reputation was more important

they all sided with you

even if they didn't notice

i can never forget this

and i wish i could 

fuck you. just, fuck you.

you've made my life hell

i will forever hate you

i can't forgive or forget 

(more than 5 words but lol whatever also there's no context this is just for me) i hope you get stuck abroad and don't make it home for christmas. i hope you stay there a whole year. i wish you were going somewhere else. another example of you taking my chances of happiness. fuck off. good riddance.

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On 11/22/2008 at 2:40 PM, Z09 said:

Something someone said to me the other day got me thinking about what I would actually say to my abuser if I ever saw him again. And I started by thinking about all the swear words I could use and then about how much I hate him etc, and how I feel. And I could say so much to him and hurl so much abuse at him. But then I thought, if I could only say 5 words to him, what would those 5 words be. Of the thousands of words in the english language, what five would I pick to express everything I feel towards the man that I love the most in this world, hate the most in this world, yet at the same time am most scared of in this world. So, feel free to add :)

The five words I would say are;

"Let this go - you're forgiven"

Shouldn’t have to say no!

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