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5 Words To Your Perpetrator

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I've been wanting to add to this thread but could never bring myself to type. Might as well start off the new year with it.


- Karma's a bit*h, isn't it? (Context: He's going blind)


- I should have told somebody


- I'm not falling for it

- I don't love you anymore

- Stop invading my safe space (Context: He decided to volunteer for something I've found comfort in volunteering for for 9 years)

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1 minute ago, Raven0116 said:

Happy, in spite of you.


Slay! We should make T-shirts of this! 

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42 minutes ago, Maya20 said:

I wish I had the courage to report you when you were alive. 

You broke the chains while he still walked this earth, maybe you would have reported him if he was still alive, but the most important thing in all of this is you, Maya, and you are still around. 

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!!TW!! very angry, mentions of death

mr. s:

you were only a burden.

i only lied to you.

i did not love you.

i was twelve years old.

you relished in my pain.

i have photos of you.

photos of you touching me. 

i can destroy you instantly. 

i have all i need.



i never told a soul.

that’s what you wanted, right?

you sold us to them.

you left us down there.

she was your little sister.

we were eight years old.

when she remembers, you’re dead.

you tried to kill yourself.

you should’ve died that day.


and you slimy scumbag degenerate:

i don’t know your past.

i never got your name.

but you are obviously broken.

we were eight years old. 

was the movie worth it?

did your friends like it?

that was what broke me.

the horrors we faced there.

the blood we shed there.

the tears we cried there.

the pain we felt there.

how many guys were there?

i don’t even know who.

but you got your movie.

you got your power trip.

congratulations! you tortured two children!

what a stunning victory huh.

you feel like a winner.

there’s something inside of you.

it’s gonna eat you up.

every single one of you.

i hope you got caught.


every one who was and wasn’t named:

i am a lot angrier.

i don’t show mercy anymore.

i don’t sit back anymore.

if you see me, pray.

i’ve been training for it.

go die in a ditch.

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You didn't even know me.

Used anger to break me.

So I wouldn't fight back.

So I would blame myself.

And think I deserved it.

I see what you did.

It was NOT my fault.

No longer feeling any shame.

No longer feeling any guilt.

I found my inner voice.

I found strength and power.

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Putting broken pieces back together.

Reclaiming joy in my life.

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It was your lucky day

We crossed paths at night

Me with low self esteem

Looking for fun and love

Easy prey for your manipulation

I found an endless nightmare

It was your best day

It was my worst day

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8 minutes ago, Raven0116 said:

It was your lucky day

We crossed paths at night

Me with low self esteem

Looking for fun and love

Easy prey for your manipulation

I found an endless nightmare

It was your best day

It was my worst day

This could really be the day I met my stupid ex. Man, when you can relate. 

I am sincerely sorry they had the fortune to meet you. You were way to good for them, and they used your wish to think the best of them against you. It was not your fault, that takes some serious manipulation skills. 

Even in tough times, you live a better life than them, because you choose to honor you dignity and accept support, being true to yourself. Those are important factors for a full recovery. And you will shine by doing that. 

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You are a evil monster!!!

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