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5 Words To Your Perpetrator

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1)I hope you die horribly

2)you were my mother, b%^&h

3) You win, I am broken

4) you own my life now

5) I wish I could kill....you

6) you think it's over...it'll never be over

7) I will die, knowing pain

8) you took everything from me

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I am a survivor of rape and a victim of the consequences of rape. I was sexually assaulted. I feel it. Believe it.

That was more than 5 words I know, but my offender is too dense to understand concepts that consist of less than 10 words..

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All I wanted was love

Sometimes I really hate you

Sometimes I still love you

Why was I so bad?

What did you hurt me?

I had nobody but you

And you were a monster

I had to save myself

I split into many parts

That is because of you

I cut up my arms

That is because of you

I tried to kill myself

That is because of you

I hate calling you mum

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Why did you hurt me?

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Why did this fucking happen? Did someone else hurt you?

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LOOK. AT. ME. NOW!!!!!

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