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5 Words To Your Perpetrator

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I have been reading everyone's 5 words..and i cant find mine..its been 9 days since it happened..maybe its too early? But if i had to choose one it would be

"Ur still alive;your welcome."

You may wonder..wat on earth does that mean. Well..if my dad..or brother knew this happened..you would be 6 feet under my friend, so yes..i am doing you a favor and letting you live.

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you are a dirtbag

wait... thats only four. can I break up dirtbag into two words? :hammer:

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In the end, I WIN!!!!!!!

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I want my innocence back.

Your scum of the earth

Your no adult you monster

Rot in hell

Why did I love you

Some father you are - you dont deserve that name '

Your not father of mine

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you're not my dad, you are a pedophile that hurt me and everything you've done to me will come back to you, wish a part of me did;nt need a real dad :cry:

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