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Hello From Australia

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I am new to this kind of support service... it was a suggestion by my therapist to expand my network of support, so i thought what's a better way than to find support from those who have been there... and survived. I'm so glad I found this resource.

I hope that with the help and support from people on this site I can make it through the dark times and see my way through the mess.


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Hey gettingbetter,

Welcome to AfterSilence,

I am also from Australia, I would be interested to find out what therapist recommended AS to you, because I know some of my past therapists have asked me could they recommend AS to other people, and AfterSilence hasn't really done any other type of advertising in Australia, but never the less I am glad that you have joined AfterSilence and I hope that you find the support you need here at AS, I am sure that you will this place is such as supportive place. And please feel free to PM me anytime you need someone to talk to :hug:

Take gentle care,

John :flowers:

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I am so sorry for the things that led you here but I am glad that you found your way to AS. Take your time and look around; I am sure that you will be feeling comfortable and at home in no time. There are so many great people here who will offer you the support and encouragement you are looking for and deserve. I look forward to seeing you around the board.


Take good care of yourself, ok?


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:wave: from the USA, GettingBetter, and welcome to AS!


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