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Hello and welcome. You can talk to pretty much anyone here. PM me anytime! I'm kind of a newbie, also and people have treated me wonderfully.

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Hi 123456,

I'd be happy to talk with you. You can message me anytime. I think "Aftermath" is a good place to post when needing someone to talk to as well. If you're not sure how to message people, just post here and I'll help. I hope you're well. :hug:

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Hi 123456 and welcome to AS

I see from your post count that you've already been doing some talking..........thats great and I hope that it helps. I hope you settle in soon and get what you're looking for here.

Take care of yourself


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hi and welcome to AS! :)

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:flowers: HI and Welcome! :wave:

i'm glad that you found AS!! this is definitely the right place to come to if you need someone to talk to or need a shoulder to lean on. :hug: please let me know if there is anything you need. i look forward to getting to know you very soon. :hug:


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Hey, Numbers!!!!

By now, I've already had the pleasure of meeting you in chat. Just saw this while I was checking out some posts and wanted to pop in and say hello and formally welcome you to our community. I'm glad you are here and hope that you have found the outlet you desire.





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