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Hi my name is angelbug well for the forum anyway. I am from the west midlands in england. I am 32 years old and I am a survivor of sexual abuse in many way since childhood. I have come here to try and be safe away frompeople who have hurt me.

Thank you to the person who told me about this site.

Hope you can help and pray for me at this difficult time.

I am hurting a lot at the momen.

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Hi and welcome to AS

I hope youfind the support and friendship you need at this time

best wishes


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Hi Angelbug and welcome to AS!

I am sorry you are struggling so at this moment in time. It does not always have to be this way, I believe healing is possible. We've just met but I think you deserve peace and healing. I hope you find this here and I will help you in anyway that I can.

:supportu::youcanheal::notalone::console: :console: :console::flowers: :flowers: :flowers:

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I am really for the things that led you here, but I am glad that you found your way here to AS. Take your time and look around; I am sure that you will be feeling at home in no time. There are some great people here who will give you all the support and encouragement you are needing and deserve. I look forward to seeing you around the board.


Take good care of you, ok?


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Hello Angelbug and welcome. You've come to the right place. No one will hurt you here.

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Hi Angelbug,

I'm glad you've joined After Silence. I hope you find our site to be helpful and compassionate. I'm sorry to hear that you're hurting a great deal at the moment. Many of us can relate to the pain and feelings that accompany the aftermath of such trauma.

I hope you continue to post about how you're doing and feeling. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Take care, and I'll see you around. :hug::)

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Hi! Welcome! Take your time, go at your own pace, we aren't going anywhere!! There are so many supportive and caring people here who will never judge or shame you for anything you say or anything you don't feel strong enough to say. Just look around if you want, and when you are ready, we'll be listening.


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hi and welcome to AS, angelbug!

sorry you are going through such a rough time at the moment :(

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Welcome, Angelbug! It's very nice to meet you and wonderful to see you here although I am sorry of the circumstances having led you to After Silence.

Take care - perhaps I'll see you in chat someday. :)

Be well.


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Thank you for the welcomes sorry i have not posted a lot. I had some sad news a couple of nights ago.

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