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Wannabmeagain Says Hi

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Hi there,

I joined yesterday and I hope that I can find some answers and advice here.

I was raped many times until the age of 19 (I'm now in my late twenties) and since then I have successfully burried everything deep within me.

Now I'm in a relationship; after keeping myself out of dating and relationships for nearly 10 years; with a man I love very much and suddenly memories started to show up, flashbacks happen, and i'm not able to handle them too good. I started to see a counsellor and i'm slowly working up what I had burried deep. My boyfriend is very patient, understanding and gentle and he's going through it with me, giving me a strong hand to hold onto. I thought that I could never feel this way again......feeling love and affection, letting a man come close to me again.....but I do and it feels good. If there just weren't those memories!

I hope to find answers to my many questions that only persons can answer who went through the same. That's why I joined you. If I can make a contribution and help someone i'll be glad to do so.......but right now i'm too stuck within my own problems and not really a help to someone else. :-)

Thanks for taking your time to read my post.


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Hi wannabemeagain, I definitely understand where you are coming from on burying everything and then having it all come up again. The good news is that things usually surface when we are ready to deal with them because we're in a better place, feeling safe. SO welcome to AS. There are lots of great people here who are ready to support you. Best of luck for your healing and feeling like you are "you" again.

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Welcome. I'm so glad you've found a loving supportive partner to help you heal the hurt. and hopefully here is a community that can be a part of that process.


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I am really sorry for the things that brought you here but I am glad that you found your way to AS. Take your time and look around; I know that you will be feeling comfortable and at home in no time. There are a lot of great people here who will give you the support and encouragement you are looking for and deserve. I look forward to seeing you around the board.


Take good care of yourself, ok?


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My name is Lynn, and I am a member of the New Member Support Team. I just wanted to take the time to say welcome to After Silence.

I hope that you find comfort and support here. I know that I have found the strength to face another day many times through the words and presence of those dear ones who make this site a true "community." I am glad that you have joined with us and look forward to getting to know you. If you need anything or have questions about the boards or how something works, please send me a personal message. I will gladly help in any way possible...also if you need someone to listen, let me know.

Take care,

Your Sister in Survival,


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Hey and Welcome to AS,

this is a great place for support, and the people here are always willing to listen and answer if they can. I am happy you have support at home, I hope you find the peace and comfort you are looking for.

Take Care

Macca :flowers:

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Thank you for all your replies, I feel very welcome. :-)

I was reading lots of other posts and I find myself so often in them.

I hope that one day I can tell you my story; right now I'm not really able to as everything is so fresh. I feel like set back 10 years, living through it all again.

But I guess it's an important step to clean up the mess inside me and free myself.

Thank you again for your warm and friendly replies. :flowers:


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hi wannabemeagain

Welcome to AS :) Im glad you found us and your here with us :) you are amongst friends and in a caring supportive place



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well i went thru something totally differnrent i went thru CSA, CRA PTSD bipolar BPD anxiety panic anlong with a few other just thrown in for fun. what i have learned in my therapy, going thru all the bullshit i've been thru, a strong solid man or woman behind you is neccessary. they tend to keep you grounded, keep you in the here and now. although i do have DID, PTSD, PTSD, along with a few other things trown in for fun my patner keeps me well grounded so if you have none of these things to worry about i wouldnn't worry about being grounded with him and being yourseld. you may, you probably will, have flashbacks and memories but that is to be expected, just explain to him that righht at this moment you are not reaady to move on and within a few minutes when the memory passess everything will be fine.


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Welcome Wannabemeagain!

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