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Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton

Suite #205 14964 121A Avenue

Edmonton AB T5V 1A3

Tel./Tél: (780) 423-4102

Fax/Télec: (780) 421-8734

Email/Courriel: info@sace.ab.ca

Crisis Line: (780) 423-4121

TTY: (780) 420-1482

The Sexual Assault Centre now provides free services with two different programs: public education and direct service through a 24-hour crisis line, crisis intervention, short-term counseling and numerous groups.

Website/Site web: http://www.sace.ab.ca

Updated/mise-à-jour: 17-08-05

About SACE

The Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton (SACE) exists:

to empower individuals affected by sexual abuse and assault, and

to empower communities to take action against sexual violence.

In 1975, a national report identified Edmonton as the "Sexual Assault Capital of Canada." This prompted Edmontonians concerned about the sexual violence in our community and the lack of services available to survivors of this violence to come together. In 1976, when the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton first opened, a part-time coordinator and a number of dedicated volunteers provided a crisis line. From there we have continued to grow.

The Sexual Assault Centre provides the following free services:

1) public education;

2) 24-hour crisis line;

3) crisis intervention;

4) short-term and group counselling; and

5) diversity outreach program.

All services of the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton are provided within our belief structure.

If you are considering becoming a volunteer please see our volunteering section.

To learn more about whats going on at SACE see our events section, and be sure to take a look at our Annual General Meeting Report.

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us


NOTE: These links are offered as a source of information only and in no way should their presence on this page be read as an endorsement by the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton of any of the information contained therein.

Alberta Association of Sexual Assault Centres - http://www.aasac.ca/member_agencies.php

Alberta Council of Women's Shelters - http://www.acws.ca/

Edmonton Police Service - http://www.police.edmonton.ab.ca/

Edmonton John Howard - Victim's Assistance - http://www.johnhoward.org/

Site on domestice violence - http://www.violetnet.org/

Kids Help Phone - http://www.kidshelp.sympatico.ca/

Alberta Human Rights Commission - http://www.albertahumanrights.ab.ca/

Canadian Human Rights Commission - http://www.chrc-ccdp.ca/

Centre for Research on Violence Against Women and Children - http://www.uwo.ca/violence/

National Clearinghouse on Family Violence - http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/ncfv-cnivf/fami...ence/index.html

BC Women's Hospital - http://www.bcwomensfoundation.org/

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre - http://www.drcc.ie/

Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse

7th Floor, 320 – 5th Ave. SE, YWCA Mary Dover Building

Calgary AB T2G 0E5

Tel./Tél: (403) 237-6905

Fax/Télec: (403) 264-8355

Email/Courriel: info@calgarycasa.com

Crisis Line: (403) 237-5888

TTY: (403) 508-7888

Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse (CCASA), is the primary organization that provides sexual abuse and sexual assault services to Calgary and the surrounding areas.

Website/Site web: http://www.calgarycasa.com

Updated/mise-à-jour: 01-09-05

Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse

7th Floor, 320 – 5th Ave. SE, YWCA Mary Dover Building

Calgary AB T2G 0E5

Tel./Tél: (403) 237-6905

Fax/Télec: (403) 264-8355

Email/Courriel: info@calgarycasa.com

Crisis Line: (403) 237-5888

TTY: (403) 508-7888

Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse (CCASA), is the primary organization that provides sexual abuse and sexual assault services to Calgary and the surrounding areas.

Website/Site web: http://www.calgarycasa.com

Updated/mise-à-jour: 01-09-05

105-4818 Gaetz Avenue

Red Deer AB T4N 4A3Tel./Tél: (403) 340-1124

Fax/Télec: (403) 340-1163

Email/Courriel: cenabsac@telusplanet.net

Formerly the Central Alberta Sexual Assault Centre.

Website/Site web: http://www.mycommunityinformation.com/casac/

Updated/mise-à-jour: 07-03-05

Lethbridge Family Services - Counselling and Education

1107 - 2nd Avenue A North

Lethbridge AB T1H 0E6

Tel./Tél: (403) 327-5724

Fax/Télec: (403) 329-4924

Email/Courriel: outreach@lethbridge-family-services.com

Services for those who have been sexually assaulted.

Website/Site web: http://www.lethbridge-family-services.com/counseling.cfm

Updated/mise-à-jour: 15-08-05

Lloydminister Sexual Assault Centre

Box 2033

Lloydminister AB S9V 1R5

Tel./Tél: (403) 875-8255

Fax/Télec: (403) 825-9557

Email/Courriel: tstafflsaic@sasktel.net

Crisis Line: (306) 825-8255

Lloydminster Sexual Assault and Information Centre's primary role is to provide crisis intervention, support, and education to victims/survivors of sexual abuse. The Centre works closely with community organizations to assure survivors receive the best possible service and referrals to appropriate agencies.

Website/Site web: http://www.lsaic.com

Updated/mise-à-jour: 15-08-05

Medicine Hat Sexual Assault Centre

Medicine Hat AB

Crisis: (800) 667-8089

PACE Sexual Assault Centre

2 10118-101 Avenue

Grande Prairie AB T8V 0Y2

Tel./Tél: (780) 539-6692

Fax/Télec: (780) 538-0960

Email/Courriel: pacegp@telus.net

Child Abuse Treatment Program- (204) 539-6692

Genesis Program-This program provides services to adults sexually assaulted as children - (204) 539-6692

Family Support Program -provides a range of support services to youth and family with Child Welfare/Family Enhancement status - (204) 539-6692

PACE Women’s Drop-In Group (Tuesday Evenings 6:30 pm–8:30 pm) - provides confidential support, information and resources in a number of different areas including: developing and maintaining healthy relationships; setting limits and boundaries and building confidence (204) 539-6652

Crisis Intervention Training Program - Provides Crisis Intervention training for front line workers. (204) 539-6692

P.A.C.E. Public Education - (204) 539-6692

Suicide Prevention Resource Center - (204) 539-6680

The Breakfast Club Program - co-ed psycho-educational program for adolescents with coping problems, depression, or suicidal thoughts or behaviors. (204) 539-7142

Website/Site web: http://grandeprairie.aasac.ca/

Updated/mise-à-jour: 15-08-05

Sexual Assault Program, Fort McMurray Family Crisis Society

Box 6165

Fort McMurray AB T9H 4W1

Tel./Tél: (780) 791-6708

Fax/Télec: (780) 791-5560

Email/Courriel: sexualassault.couns@shawcable.com

24 hour crisis line: (780) 791-6708

The Fort McMurray Sexual Assault Program, as part of the Fort McMurray Family Crisis Society, is a non-profit organization. We serve the citizens of Fort McMurray and surrounding areas.

Website/Site web: http://fortmcmurray.aasac.ca/

Updated/mise-à-jour: 17-08-05

Strathcona Sexual Assault Centre

44 - 50 Brentweood Blvd

Sherwood Park AB T8A 2H5

Tel./Tél: (780) 449-0900

Fax/Télec: (780) 416-2393

Email/Courriel: ssac@interbaun.com

Crisis line: (780) 423-4121

Distress line: (780) 482-4357

The Strathcona Sexual Assault Centre is dedicated to the prevention and eradication of sexual assault and sexual abuse. Our office is located in Sherwood Park and we serve the areas of Strathcona County and Fort Saskatchewan.

Website/Site web: http://www.strathcona.aasac.ca/

Updated/mise-à-jour: 15-08-05

Survivors of Incest Anonymous

# 170, 1919B - 4 Street SW

Calgary AB T2S 1W4

Tel./Tél: (403) 244-7995

Supports group for sexual abuse survivors.

Updated/mise-à-jour: 29-05-03

University of Alberta Sexual Assault Centre

2 - 705 Students' Union Building

Edmonton AB T6G 2J7

Tel./Tél: (780) 492-9771

Fax/Télec: (780) 492-3804

Email/Courriel: tatiana.loverso@ualberta.ca

The University of Alberta Sexual Assault Centre, as part of University Student Services, provides a safe place on campus where unconditional support, confidentiality, respect, and advocacy are available for those affected by sexual assault.

Website/Site web: http://www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/sac/

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  • 6 years later...

Hi dears :hi:

I'm new here and posted in WELCOME first

Now I'd like to know if anyone has informations about a support group in Calgary ?

I'm gonna move there soon and need this support asap :friends2::bighug:

I'm leaving my country because it became unbearable to live here, it's like faing up my abusers all time long, I'm not able anymore :drool::zip::nonono::ohmy::bye:

it makes me feel so sick and my life is a burden I can't carry anymore

So I need a change, a LOOOOONNNNG distance between them (my family and its denial :no2::nonono: ) and me :tear:

I thought nobody would understand how hard it is for me to stay here, but since I started to talk my truth I think a different way

There might be some people to understand that staying here means "DYING" :(

So if you have any informations about a group of survivors of incest and sexual assaults in Calgary; please tell me

I went on the website mentioned above here, but didn't get any answer to my email yet

I'm leaving next may and time flies ... I must say that I'm getting stressed :sneeze: not having any contact there already

Hope you can help


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Hi OpenEyes,

This may help you locate a Survivor Support Group in Calgary Canada.

I do not know what the zip code for Calgary is?


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thank you nycgirl :ThankYou:

I've already looked on meet up but didn't find any group

I'm sure I'll find something and anyway it is nice from you to help :date:

I use large fonts because I'm visually impaired, not because I have a big ego :laugh3:

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