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South Africa

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Caritas Cabouerdiana

Marina Évora Almeida, Maria de Rosário Borja

C.P. 46 - Rua António Pussich - Ponta Belem


Cabo Verde

TEL: 61-17-07 FAX: 61-17-07

Organização das Mulheres de Cabo Verde

Maria Madalena Tavares

Rua Andrade Corvo C.P. 213


Cabo Verde

TEL: 61 24 55 FAX: 61 25 39

Email: omcv@mail.cvtelecom.cv

Union Nacional des Trabalhadores de Cabo Verde Central Sindical

Sara Maria Duarte Lopes

Ilha de Sal

Espargos Morro Curral


Cabo Verde

TEL: 00238411437/ 412502 FAX: 00238 6230 73/ 411215

Email: untc@mail.cvtelecom.cv

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I think there was an accidental mis-posting here.

South Africa's dailing code starts with 27 and I believe that the post is not in any of the official languages -sends flower-

Childline can be reached at the following number. They should be able to re-direct any adult victims as well:

08000 55555

There are other numbers and associations as well. I will forward the most prominent ones to you via PM, should you like to include them.


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