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hey nitewisp77!

nice to meet you!

i hope you find everything your looking for on this wonderful site

all the best, cya around!

ow and try no too worry too much about figuring out all the post, itll get easier once youv done your first post hehe

rock xx

p.s. a flower to brighten your day! :):flowers:

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Hi nitewisp77,

Welcome to AfterSilence, I am sure you will get the hang of posts and using AS soon :), once you do it for a while it gets easier :), just feel free to open up as you feel you can :flowers: We'll be here to support you when you do, but take you time their is no rust, everyone healing at their own pace, whatever you're comfortable with :)

:hug: - I look forward to having you here :flowers:

John :)

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hi!!! im new too!! this is a really cool place!

have a great day!!

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