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I just wanted to indroduce myself...

I am a 40 year survivor of CSA and a 34 year survivor of a gang rape. The details of what happened during both, I will write later..



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I am so sorry for the circumstances that led you here but I am glad that you found your way here to AS. Please take your time and look around and I'm sure that you will be feeling at home in no time. There are so many great people here and I'm sure that you will find plenty of people who have some of the same types of experiences you have been through. I hope to see you around the boards.


Take good care of yourself, ok?


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heya dana! wecome to AS!

hope you find all the healing and help you need

if you need me at anytime just PM

and i mean that im not just saying it.

i dont do that


ill be seeing you around i hope



P.S. a flower for you to brighten your day :)


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Hi Dana,

Welcome to After Silence. I hope you are able to find the support you deserve here.

Take gentle care,


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Hi Dana and welcome to AS

I'm glad that you're here, and that you've survived for those years :). I know that you'll find others with similar life experiences and lives as your own. I hope that you will settle in soon and get to know other people.

Feel free to PM me if you need anything

take care of yourself


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To all, and thanks... It will take me a while to get around and know how everthing works here, but I am here also to help if I can. Being an OLD FART, I have referred to myself as, I hope that some of my experiences can help others to know they are not alone..

My dear sweet friend Deborah..... special :hug::hug::hug: to you and thanks for your continued support during a difficult time.



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I'm glad you found this, it really can help. I just joined and it's already helping me.

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hi dana and welcome to AS :)

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